Landacape z scale and mid range values not working right?

granted, I have to review the file I exported.
however here is my math. Someone tell me I’m not crazy.

My max height (255 or white) is 221,700.00 unreal units.

I have a peak that is supposed to be 620m (62000 unreal units).

If 221700/255= 869.4117647059
that means that each color of gray is a terrace of about 8m.

and that a clor of gray 71 (since 71×869 ~= 61,728) will give the peak the its proper height.

Right? Wrong.

In engine, using a gray of 71 and the proper Z scale i’m getting an height of 450m

the white is properly set. The black is properly set.
the value for 50% gray seems fine as well - a nice 0 on the world map.

So what/why/how is my math wrong? O_o

I’m fairly certain this is a bug now.
Even 50% is not being placed at 0.

To get the landscape’s mid point the value to use is RGB 149.
Doesn’t make any sense what so ever to me.

To further refine this.
the bug isn’t the engine for once, but photoshop and heightmap values.

Because the value is supposed to be 16bit.
You would think that’s going to be up to a 16bit int max value, but in photoshop thats incorrect as well.

65,536 is the max in theory. I can’t find a way to get photoshop to show a seemingly correct value as of yet.

I’m reading the close to 50% value as 16371
Or cmyk 18312, 20887,20753,32258.

None of the value include anything like half of the max value…

And, turns out photoshop only works with values up to 15bit, so there is a major accuracy issue when viewing values in photoshop.
0-32768 values.

Basically, the reason my end result at mid range is off is that I applied gaussian blur in photoshop. This apparently majorly distorts the color grading even when using the appropriate starting file.

Alright, likely last update on this.
Dump Photoshop, use Krita.

To get the proper color section tool go to
Settings > Dockers
Select the “Specific Color Selector” one.
IF the document is set up correctly, then you get this:

The values on here work as you would expect. and it takes Math like almost anything today.
(65535/100)*30 - to get a 30% value, so on.

It has a python plugin, which means you can also create scripts to export tiled landscapes properly.
Obviously, much like all shareware/freeware software, it runs a little on the slow side.

Either way it solves the guess work of figuring out why the parameters are off by using accurate values.