LAN Multiplayer Issue :(. Want to solve once and for all.

Hello Community!

I’m going to go into quite a bit of detail on the problem and how the project is setup:


When I connect to the Host computer via LAN, I cannot see their movements. Another thing, is that when I connect, from the client side, I have a check to see if a game mode is found. if it isnt’ valid, it does a check. It keeps showing up that check that the game mode’s not there.

Keep in mind, this is on Oculus and Oculus Touch.


Here’s the game instance class (dont mind the Max results = 0 … I have it equal to one since I’m only looking for one)


Player Pawn Class (It’s being replicated along with the movements…motion controllers)


The Lobby Pawn(also being replicated)


and the Level view itself


Now for the detail setup:

I have all of the .ini setup stuff correct (Onlinesubsystem being Null, etc).

The GameInstance I’m having it be in charge of hosting, finding and connecting the game for the player controllers. I also ensured the game instance class in the project settings.

There’s a lobby pawn for the Lobby Level (Just an empty level with a renter text saying “LOBBY” on it) and the default pawn class for that level is lobby pawn.

Once the lobby pawn is hosting, it will change to the multiplayer level. same thing to finding and connecting. It has no problem Hosting, Finding or Connecting to any session.

When the Client enters the Host, it cannot find the game mode. It’s essential for the player to spawn in the correct player start location.

From what is being seen here, is there anything wrong? Something I’m missing? :frowning:


Furthermore of the problem, I have this issue in particular. I got them to connect… but something isnt right with the replication:

Added this to the playerpawn to see if both players can see each other properly

And here is the results:

Level on both levels connected via Lobby into Court (Nothing pressed yet)

Client on LEFT and host on RIGHT

Pressing the button on Client Side only


Pressing the button on the Host side only


Something weird is going on for sure :(. I also tried the Custom event on multi-cast, but Only the host can see everything not the client