LAN Multiplayer and gravity

Hello guys,

I’m using Unreal for Ubisoft’s Game Lab competition, which is like a game jam, but over 10 weeks and specifically for universities. So we got the theme and the constraints about 2 weeks ago and now we have a great concept.

Our problem is that it’s been a week that we can’t figure out the how to implement custom gravity in a multiplayer project. We have to have a character that can walk around a relatively small sphere while there are other agents controlled by artificial intelligence everywhere on that sphere while being connected to another player in a LAN connection.

Our first instinct was to code the location and rotation of the character by looking at his normal on a sphere. Then we realized the CharacterMovementComponent from unreal would not let us go with it. Si we thought, hey let’s just make a custom movement component. Then we realized it was hell of a mess to compile and change Unreal’s engine so we looked for plugins. We found a plugin which does exactly what we want, but it won’t do it for a multiplayer game (for replication reasons and stuff).

So, here is my question : is there an anyway to implement custom gravity in a LAN connected game that doesn’t require months. I understand everything is feasible, but we don’t have unlimited time.

Competition website :
plugin link we found : Blueprint/C++ Advanced Templates , Tools & Plugins - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums

Thank you.