Lack of Game Mode/Scoring System Instructions/Tutorials

There are lots of great tutorials to get people started and familiar with the Engines GUI, Blueprints, and Level Design etc. Even a decent tutorial on setting up multiplayer lobbies and such. But then when you’ve created your level and characters etc, and you want to implement a standard game mode to try out. (deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag) So you type all keywords in everywhere looking for instructions on how to do this, and the response is pretty much the equivalent of crickets chirping.

I gotta say that I’m quite surprised at the lack of information in this area. Especially considering UE4 has been out for a few years now, and UE devs are known for a certain game that has all these game modes previously mentioned.

Please, please, please… help us learn how to implement these kinds of game modes in a video series. In my searches I’ve seen the questions asked many times, and the answers for them (if any) have been very unsatisfactory.

Love using this Engine. But need more tutorials on how to actually get a game closer to something that other people can actually play. Then give you guys your 5% :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for listening!

First of all, I have no saying in what they will add, but…

My contributions to the UnrealTournament project have mostly revolved around GameModes, Mutators, UMG, Networking. So if you need any help with a particular objective, feel free to ask.

My UT profile: Unreal Tournament Forum Downtime

Hey . Thanks for responding! My current issue is that I’ve created a pvp map in the Ark Dev Kit, and now that my layout is 98% complete I’d like to incorporate a team vs team mode (team deathmatch to start and perhaps CTF later on) I have the bases where each team can spawn. But I’ve really no idea how to even begin setting up the blueprints or whatever else is needed to setup teams and scoring systems. Like first team to 40 kills wins… or team with most kills within 20-30 minutes wins. With a HUD that shows the Score/Timer.

After I complete this project I will be moving on to making an asymmetrical 3rd person game with similar game modes. So any schooling I can get on this is crucial and greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

… aaaannd back to crickets chirping…