Knuckles thumbstick X-Y Axis Input has non-constant scale!

Using UE4.24.
Yesterday I posted this Valve index thumbstick click not working - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums
Then I decided “click” movements on thumbsticks aren’t supported and there is no mention of it, so I switched to using InputAxis with a threshold.
However the ‘scale’/range of the knuckles thumbstick changes all the time.

  • VR preview has different scaling from launched project (VR preview has 0 to 2, launched project 0 to 1)
  • When making a change in project settings, the scale goes crazy (up to 20 or 50 sometimes). This is fixed by restarting the engine.

Should I not use the SteamVR plugin???

If more than one steamvr axis is bound to the same key, I think multiple axis key events will get generated and I believe by default the input stack sums them together. Not sure that is what you are running into, but it is a flaw in the steamvr action -> unreal key -> unreal action design.

I can confirm that that is not the issue.

This line in defaultinput.ini


only works correctly when launching the game/level. In the editor the scale is 2.0 instead of 1.0.
There are no other changes, just play in editor vs run outside the editor.
PS: every time you go to mess with the input settings (even if you end up not changing anything) the 2.0 changes becoming 3, 4, 30, whatever.
I think this is a bug :frowning: