Knowing that an AI reached the end of its path?

Is there any form of interrupt system that UE4 utilizes when an AI “reaches” its path finding goal?

I’d prefer to just create a listener thread, than have one thread go through a few thousand AIs checking to see if they’ve reached their goals by doing capsule intersection tests.

Blueprints add themselves as a multicast observer via ReceiveMoveCompleted via AIController

MyObj->AIController->ReceiveMoveCompleted.AddDynamic(MyObj, &UAIAsyncTaskBlueprintProxy::OnMoveCompleted);

AIController hooks directly into the PathFollowingComponent

PathFollowingComponent->OnMoveFinished.AddUObject(this, &AAIController::OnMoveCompleted);

You could override AIController’s OnMoveCompleted or get a reference to the path and register as a listener that way. They both provide EPathFollowingResult for success or failure.