kite demo on VR not really working

hey guys
im trying to get my architecture on kitedemo’s goldenpath map to see what’s the potential of VR for architecture.
everything works really well except previewing it on the DK2. when I do it, everything get smeared and the headtracking doesn’t work like it should.
anyone knows what could be the problem?
could it be that the kite demo is just too much for vr? the framerate is actually pretty good…

You should try Walk mode. Unfortunately, Drone mode does not allow
you to move your head and “smearing” is also quite prominent here. Tested the standalone version.
All postprocessingAA settings seem to blur a lot of landscape details with the Rift though.

The Kite Demo was not created for nor tested in VR so you are going to run into a lot of problems like this. To get the Kite demo to run you would need to massively scale back the Textures, Materials and Post Process settings and and probably revisit how the assets were created as that demo is really heavy on just about everything.

What I would do is start a new project that has nothing in it and get VR working first. Once that is done I would use the Migrate Tool and move over only the assets I needed. Starting fresh and building up is always best when you are trying to get something cutting edge to run on different hardware as there are so many things that could cause it to not work.

thanx that helped alot!!!

First image telling me what you starting with less than 100% of PostProcess.

At least this happens with my another VR project.