Kite Demo assets crashes UE4

I was wondering if this is the case with anyone else out there? I can open Materials and Textures, but opening any mesh has left me nervous because it commonly crashes. I can not open the scene at all even in a new project because it crashes so I can’t even see how it’s being used.

The Kite demo is by far the most resource eating project that i have encountered in UE4 so far.
Openinng a map takes about 15 minutes and placing an asset in the world freezes the editor for 10 minutes.
And I have quite a good machine… What is your hardware config?

Custom AMD FX-8320 Eight Core 3.50GHz
8gb of Ram
64 bit OX with an MSI NVIDIA 970

Maybe if I upgrade my ram it would help

Epic warns that the levels take upwards of an hour to load. The first couple times I tried loading them, I thought my machine crashed. Turns out it was just stuck at something like 50% loaded. I went and got a sandwich and came back a half hour later to find it loaded.

I haven’t gotten around to inspecting those assets yet, but that load time is insane. Thanks for the heads up, it’ll be good to know that my PC wouldn’t have frozen.

I have an 8 core @ 4 GHz with 32 GB RAM and a GeForce 760GTX with 2 GB.
So yeah, RAM could help you a lot. :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to load one of the levels, and it did take an insanely long time. I have also noticed many crashes just adding a single material from the demo to a little test project. I have a 3770 and 16GB of ram, and a GTX660.

If you’re seeing a crash can you please report this on the AnswerHub?

Please include the information from the link in my signature for “How to Report a Bug.” Make sure you include your steps to reproduce, and especially you’re Logs, Dmp file (Located in Project Folder > Saved > Logs), along with your call stack with your machine ID and Epic ID.

Once we have this information we can locate your crash in our crash reporter database and we can see why the crash is specifically happening. This may already be reported and fixed internally, but in the event it’s not we can at least try to repro the crash and get that part fixed.

The initial load of very large files is another issues that is alleviated by having a extremely high end machine. The slow down initially on these assets is when they are first opened they need to write to the data cache. After the initial load that takes a while, the next time you open shouldn’t be near as long.

Thank you!


Where have you gotten the demo from? I’d like to check it out myself.


you can get the “open world demo collection” from the marketplace tab in the launcher.

hope that helps:)

Ahh I see. I thought it was only ever going to be released with 4.8
Thank you!

for the full kite demo you are right, the pack on the marketplace is a cut down selection of the assets and 2 example levels.