[KITE DEMO AI] How the AI works?

Hi guys, we are a team of student and we are getting into AI design so I’m trying to understand how the Ai from the Kite demo works as we want to get something similar.

With all the assets involved into the AI manage I don’t completely understand the architecture and how to get the deer moving.
We have :

  • CrowdAgent (spawned deer ?)
  • Crowd AgentCine (special deer for the kite cinematic?)


  • CrowdTestChar
  • CrowdTestAiController
  • FaunaCreatureInfo
  • FaunaQueryActor
  • Fauna Spawner
  • FaunaSpawnerComponent
  • Flock AnimInstance
  • FlockCrowdFollowingComponent
  • FlockManager
  • ProceduralFaunaActor
  • ProceduralFaunaComponent

So it’s a bit hard to reverse-engineer this system as it seems quite tough. Does anyone have a workflow explanation for this?
Plus, is there a special set-up for the level? 'cause with a flat landscape and a nav mesh volume deers (CrowdAgent & CrowdAgentCine) are just idling.