Kitchen - First attempt to UE 4

Hi all, I’m newbie at UE 4 but I get something to work after 2 days.

Hi all, it’s another test with UE 4 (I think now it’s looks a bit better) :slight_smile:

That looks pretty impressive for a first time user! You definetly should expand upon that knowledege and you easily will get a top notch artist after some time.
Did you also make the models or did you just put models of the internet together?

Thanks !
All models are modeled by me and most of them can be found at

And the movie v2 finally get to the vimeo :slight_smile:

Video looking better. A good tip would be to check out each element that seems not to cast shadows properly, AO type and check those. Also make sure to check out Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.

It’s tough to make decent looking screenshots in UE4. It’s always jaggy as hell. Better off taking a printscreen of a video imo. lol

Awesome kitchen great work! Heartlessphil, I use to take easy screenshots pretty useful for quick screen grabs, automatically creates a url for you.

I also use it. But there is an ‘‘official’’ way to make screenshot but I can’t get good results out of it, I dunno why!!!

The highresshot command apparently doesn’t include AA, so that’s why you may see the “jaggies”. Nice work though, I love the colors. Keep it up. =)