Kingdom Manga (Summary of the latest Chapter 404)

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Ch. 404: The Annals of Mr. Lu(Lu Shi Chun Qiu)
link: 贴吧404
-The chapter starts with the announcement of the completion of The Annals of Mr. Lu, followed by an intro of the records.
–The book was completed in the 8th year of Qin Shi Huang’s reign.
–It consists of the 12 Books with topics including history, thoughts and philosophy and famous works done by scholars and contents taken from existing books such as Li(Ceremonial Rites), Yue(Music), Qi(Aura/Spirit?]), Bing Shi(Military matters), and Nong Geng(Farming). Basically it contains everything and anything there is to know about the heaven and earth during that time.
–Significant content includes the concept of time which divide a year into 12 “months” which is something that we still use today. The concept of time explains many things such as seasons and solutions of what to do every month in the farmers’ society.
–The ways of Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism recorded in the book were one of the best reference materials for scholars in the future to understand the philosophies and thoughts of the late Warring States era.
–The birthplace of a famous Chinese idiom, Yi Zi Qian Jin(1000 pieces of gold for a word), was also here. As the book already contains anything and everything there is to be known, Lu BuWei announced that he will reward anyone who could even add a single word to the book 1000 pieces of gold.
-Back in the court, Ri Shi, SHK and the rest of the Ryo faction were with Sei and the officials from his faction. Instead of worrying too much about the harem taking Sanyou, Sei is worrying about the whether Wei will take the chance to counter attack. SHK thinks that Wei has yet to recover and will not start a massive attack in the near future. He had also sent Kaioku to Sanyou just in case and he will definitely report back on time if he anticipates anything out of the ordinary. He also thinks that Zhao is more of a threat now that Riboku is currently in court.
-SHK seems to be asking Ri Shi about the scouting mission from the previous chapter.
-Meanwhile in Choyou, an order was passed down to move 10,000 men there to the northern city of Taiyuan.
-Kaiouku had also received news that the Queen ****** and Rao Ai had left Sanyou for Taiyuan.
-A brief intro of Taiyuan: it situated in the north of Qin, north of Tonryu as one of the northern-most city. As the wars in the recent years happened in central China, Taiyuan is not regarded as an important city. However, the isolated Taiyuan is currently seeing a huge number of migrants.
-Moreover, the moment the Queen ****** and Rao Ai arrived in Taiyuan, they had declared the city and the surrounding as their own state, the Ai state.