Kinect spacial triggering in VR


I am working on a VR installation where I have 2 people involved, 1 who wears the HMD and the other who controls what happens based on his position in the installation space. I am planning on using a Kinect v2 to track the 2nd person and setting up something similar to trigger volumes in the space. So for example if the 2nd person walks into a area (x12 by x18 to y10 by y15) he will trigger a matinee animation once he leaves that area another matinee will be triggered. is this something that can be done in Unreal Engine using say the world position of Player1 or would it be easier to use the raw data from the Kinect in an external application to trigger a keystroke which then triggers the matinee.

Thanks a lot

it is easily implementable. However you have to try to identify which body is which.
there is such functionality to find the closest skeleton detected to the center of kinect, you can use this to identify the one wearing VR and the other body tracked for the second person.
for triggerring I have used triggering volumes. but you can definitly use the actor position in the world as well.