Kinect 2 working with Mannequin - advice on non-Mannequin MoCap?

I’m developing an indie feature film on Unreal - the vast majority of my characters use the Mannequin and the Humanoid rig.

Is there any reason I can’t also do a few non-humanoids using MoCap? Is it as simple as rigging the model - part for part?

Example - I have a robot dog model - Can I rig the dog’s head to my MoCap head? and legs, etc (knees reversed)

I have a multi-armed repair Droid - can I rig its head to the MoCap head, and two arms to my MoCap arms?

I’m fairly new to Unreal but I was able to rig my MoCap to the Humanoid rig quite successfully.

It’s just about the rig /software it uses, but it is certainly possible.

It’s how nearly all special effects for movies have been done for the past 10 years (even when building an animationic would have offered a much better looking end product).

Usually, you can record and save poses as layers and compose a full skeleton out of layers so that it doesn’t need to all be one take on things with extra arms/legs.

No idea if Kinect allows for any of that. Probably not.
You’d need a professional mocap suit and the related software…