Kindle Fire HDX GREY materials/textures instead of proper

I have a very simple scene, lit with either directional or point light (tried both).
I have two meshes (each with a material that holds a texture (256x256 png)
I have a box with a reddish UE4 material applied.
they all show up in mobile preview.
I have a lightmass importance volume that is rather large 10K units ^3

I package it up for the Kindle Fire HDX, install it and I see only grey objects.
The clickable events are working well, I click on one of the objects and a sound plays along with scaling the object up and down.

Does anyone have any idea as to what the problem might be?


Game Preview:

Kindle Fire HDX

Make sure that your materials have settings for mobile setup correctly. It doesn’t use regular material settings for mobile. And when you send it to your device make sure it’s using a compression format that your device supports. In the 4.1 update it was updated so that it should only show the compression formats that your device supports.

Thanks darthviper107, I tried to find and comprehend all the dos and don’ts of mobile texturing/materials…in the end I copied Swing Ninja’s Moon material, but switched out the texture for my own, and it worked. When I used my static mesh with the very same material, it didn’t show up.

So, I eventually found that my static mesh (exported from Blender) would never display a material in any mobile device,
When I used the plane mesh from the engine itself, and applied a material, it DID show up…

I’m not sure if that’s because of something Blender’s doing wrong…that will require more work on my part I guess. Luckily, I only need square-ish planes and very simple materials - I’m making a psychological game for Lemurs, (testing the prototype soon!) so I’m just going to move forward with what I have.

If you’re talking about the “Android” vs. “ETC1” vs. “ETC2” etc, I did see that…but my 4.1 version is still giving me options from the File - Package menu that won’t work for my plugged-in devices…or is that option you’re talking about from a different section?

Either way, thanks for your help.

Yeah, in the File menu it will list all the options, but in the Build button it should only list the formats that your device supports.

In the project settings menu, under rendering the first one should be be mobile HDR and it is a checkbox. Make sure that is unchecked cause most can’t support that anyway…i know that has hit me a lot for my projects.

Thanks, however, I did already have that unchecked :frowning:

I still haven’t solved my problem, aside from using the Swing Ninja project as a starter. I feel like I’ve duplicated ALLLLLL of the project settings and am still not able to understand why my materials don’t show up on my Kindle unless I start from Swing Ninja.