Kind of everything

Okay, so that probably sounds weird. I was crazy excited to start up unreal engine 4, and when I did, oh geez. My first question is, where are all the textures? I mean, I found materials, but there’s only around 12 of them. Do I have to download some, or what? Next is, even after that, where do I even start, what’s the first step in building a game? Also, where are all of the props? (similar to materials) do I have to download blender to make common objects or anything? It looks a little difficult… And also is the landscaping difficulty set to OVER 9000??? By that I mean that when I try to make a landscape it looks like Random mounds of ground. (I have problems doing any landscaping.) So this point you definitely think I’m, the ultimate noob. And I have a million further questions like a menu screen, title screen, cinematics, character models, event triggering, {A MILLION HOURS LATER} sound effects, and even some more.

I’ve searched for easier engines but they all point to unreal engine 4. Geez that makes me feel dumb. As you can tell, I’m a complete noob, so if you have any other tips, I’d be thankful!

UE4 comes with Starter content, can be found in "UnrealEngine 4"\Samples\StarterContent\
You can add them on project creation stage by switching “Add starter content” option.
All the rest can be found on Marketplace (there are lot of free bundles).
Start with ContentExamples bundle.

I don’t recommend You to use UE props in Your game (they’re mostly buggy).

Explore the bundles from market (use ‘open map’ to load different sample maps).

Watch tutorials from YouTube ( )

Read Documentation ( Unreal Engine 5 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation )

Read Wiki ( A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums )