Kill Z Crashes the Engine?

Hey there, just a quick post on a minor problem.

I’m working within the Third Person Template and I’m worried I might have changed something along the way, because whenever my character reaches the Kill Z threshold for the world the engine crashes. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the case in the default template, which is why I’m going to assume I messed up somewhere along the way.

Some broad notes: I do have a rudimentary damage acceptance system in place, and if the player’s health drops to 0 the level restarts. I don’t have an On Destroyed node, and when I tried to add one it didn’t make a difference when I reached the Kill Z threshold.
I do have a UMG that displays information that depends on the player (e.g. Health, Stamina, etc.). If that’s the problem, I’m not sure how to safely disable the UMG.

I also have a “fall damage” system in place but I really don’t see how it would come into conflict with the Kill Z threshold.

Like I said, this is ultimately a minor problem – I have no intention at this time of letting the player drop out of the world. Still, it’s a bug, and I’d rather fix it than leave it hanging around.

So, any ideas?

-post your crash log -> documents-project-saved-logs-the file which gets generated after the crash
-post your problem on answerhub: https://answers.unrealengine/index.html
-does this also happen when you test it in a “clean” project? :slight_smile:
-disconnect all systems (health system,…) step by step so that you can find out which parts cause the problem

In my character’s Begin Play event the main HUD is created, and when I removed that the problem disappeared. So it’s clearly an issue with the HUD. My guess is that, because the HUD is dependent on the character’s existence, it crashes the engine once the character is destroyed.

So, how do I safely disable the HUD?