Keyframes pasted into a new sequence auto-scale to fit timeline (bad)

We are working with multiple level sequences, nested inside a master sequence. Each LS contains several shots and animations. I’m trying to copy skelmeshes and their anim/transform tracks from one sequence into another, but when I paste, the keyframes scale instead of maintaining their original frame timing. If the original sequence was 300 frames, and the character had a keyframe at 0000 and one at 0300, I could paste it into a new 600-frame sequence, and those keys would be at 0000 and 0600.

Is this a feature? Or a bug? I can’t find any way to turn it off, and it’s very frustrating.


Small update, it seems like this issue is happening intermittently to certain people on the team. Any idea what it could be? It’s crazy-making…

Maybe this post should be in the “Cinematics” forum instead of “Animation.” Can I move it myself, or does a mod need to do that?