Keyboard/Mouse Input to a Pawn


So I’m trying to get it so that a pawn, that has a widget(the purpose of this pawn is to act like a cursor, like in an RTS when you go to build something), get deleted when I right click. So it acts like it’s canceling the current action.
However after enabling input using the node and in the “Details” tab, under “Input” unticked “block input”, nothing happens.

So would I have to possess the pawn in order for it to receive inputs?
Otherwise, what would I have to do, or what would be the best way to achieve what I’m trying to do, like would I have to set up a bunch an interface so I can access and the data from my player pawn class or create custom event that outputs the mouse pressed from my player pawn and pick it up in the “cursor” class?

The event graph for the hud that spawns the cursor.

And the event graph for the cursor once it’s created.

If there is any other information needed in order to provide a better picture lemme know and thanks.