Keyboard events don't work on pawns and should be documented.

Is the documentation on Keyboard events. It doesn’t include the important information from this post that they only work on actors and not pawns.

This seems like either an engine or documentation bug - and after several hours of fiddling and googling definitely feels like incomplete work.

Hey FunAndFriendly! Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you (I’m working through a backlog of older forum post).

So the page you linked is an API reference page (seen in that page’s URL). It pulls info on specific actions and gives descriptions of what they do. Those pages tend not to give detailed explanations of features, or provide warnings (like the fact that they only work on actors and not pawns).

It looks like the **Input **page (…put/index.html) would be the best place to provide more context about keyboard events. It might be nice to add a specific warning to the **Input **doc (about actor vs. pawn usage) and link directly to the Keyboard Events API page.

Let me know what you think and if I’m understanding you correctly. Also let me know if you have anymore thoughts about how we could improve these pages and how they flow.

Hi Echo_Four, thanks for looking at this.

That first page is non-information - it’s repeats the same sentence 100 times, with links to 100 pages that show a picture of the node, then repeat the picture’s information below. There is an opportunity to link to “Key structure”, but the link is broken (Num . | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation](

These pages list things I could already learn by looking at the BP node - except they are sometimes inaccurate because they were copy/pasted from another node and not fully filled out. It’s just noise.

This documentation is incomplete work and comes up first on search results. This documentation reflects very poorly on the quality of the editor and immediately creates frustration. I’m not saying it’s your fault or you’re bad.

If Epic doesn’t want to actually document the product, removing these API reference pages from search results would be a better UX.

My workflow is:

  1. do stuff
  2. run into problem
  3. search for solution
  4. time for a new problem

If I was leading a team to improve the Editor documentation, I’d:

  1. List 5-ish “user profiles”
  2. Identify the top 20-100 searches those users make while trying to resolve problems with the product
  3. Evaluate how search results and documentation resolve those problems.
  4. Iteratively improve the documentation based on the search results as a metric.

As a developer, if my API is hard to document, that indicates poor design. My documentation can never be better than my API’s design. Documenting an API is how to test an API’s design before implementing it. That is the difference between engineering and coding.

If you can’t de-list these automatically generated noise documentation pages - then adding a “Helpful Links” side-bar to groups of pages would improve their quality. That’s where Epic could link to the “Input” doc you mentioned above.

As an aside, I keep running into dead URLs for documentation that was removed that now links to the “home” page. These dead urls are branding your “home” page as frustration and disappointment.

Hey FunAndFriendly! Thanks for taking the time to elaborate and give further insights (I really appreciate it). I’ll run all of this back to the larger docs team and see what we can do.

As for the broken links, unfortunately, I know. I keep passing these along as I find them, and they are getting fixed with time. I’m working with some colleagues to determine a root cause and working to reduce instances of this in the future.

Thanks again for your help, and please let me know if you have any other thoughts.

Thanks for doing the work on it - documentation makes a huge difference in the creative power of Unreal Engine. I appreciate it!