Key Press within Triggerbox not working

I am having a problem which includes two blueprints (normal blueprint and a level blueprint) where if i pick up a matchbox and go up to a furnace it will light the furnace, the problem im having is that if I press ‘E’ anywhere within the map it will come up saying ‘matchbox required’ from my string for if i dont have the matchbox and it will automatically light the furnace if i press ‘E’ anywhere if I have obtained the matchbox, I just cant seem to figure out how to tie up a key press with a beginoverlap on my triggerbox of some sort as there is no option. Is it possible to do this by using a boolean and if so how :L? its just the level blueprint which is causing the problems :s

Here are my blueprints687d5e334c104055b0fb0e491690d9eddb6dc71e.png