Keeps Crashing....

Hey guys! just stand down to work on my project and i saw there was a update to the unreal launcher so i updated and now when i open my project it’s very Laggy and crashes when i am not even doing anything.

Is anybody else seeing this on there side?

Hey Corrupt,
I am having a similar issue. I wanted to download 4.11 but Launcher hanged in a Pending status and the button returned to “Install”. After contacting customer support I learned I had 2 ports in my firewall closed that Launcher needed to use. I fixed the issue and Launcher started. However my Internet went down (I am having to work over a WiFi) and when I went back to resume the download Launcher said there was an update to install, which I did. After restarting Launcher (and nothing changed in my firewall settings) I can’t download ANY version of Unreal. Posted on threads and emailed back to customer service with no response in over a week.