Keeping the same Jump distance while increasing the Movementspeed of the Player Charakter

Good Evening mighty brains!

While i’m trying to create my first game, a similar concept of “Geometry Dash” i stumbled across an issue i cant solve on my own.

i want to incease the Player’s movementspeed from time to time in the game while keeping the same Jump distance (but with the same jump “speed” as the character movement) so he is still able to land on plattforms and not just flying over them with the increased velocity.

i tried to simply increase the global time dilation, but this messes with my ingame Countdown timer. Maybe u have an Answer or even a Blueprint-template will work for me.

I am thankful for every answer you guys are giving me!

So, if you dont want the increased velocity in the jump, why sprint in the first place to make the jump?

Initially I thought you could take the % difference between normal and fast speed and apply that % to some jump variable. Problem is, i dont see a variable that would work in the Jumping/Falling section.

However, you could at the moment of jump change max speed to be what normal speed is?

There is a Max Custom Movement Speed under Custom Movement that might work… and of course Max Walk Speed under the Walking category.

Then, when no longer falling, set those variables back to whatever?

Just kicking around ideas. Still new at this.

i love the ideas so far, thanks for!

After another 2 hours of constandly trying out, i was able to set the custom time Dilation for my Character, so the Movementspeed and Jump-Velocity stays the same, while the time just speeds up.
Its not the solution i wanted, but i guess it will work for me.

And again, thanks for your time to answer me. :slight_smile: