Keeping physics coins and objects contained to a table top

hey guys - I am trying to scatter coins and other small objects on a table, but keep them on the table

my first instinct was to make them physics objects and lift them above the table a little bit and just let them fall - but they are bouncing all over the room! LOL

How can I contain them to a table top, or chest, or bowl, etc… they bounce just way too much

I looked at a blocking volume but can’t figure out how to make it work for me

any ideas? :slight_smile:

I would indeed use a blocking volume… Or maybe, several blocking volumes, one for each table edge.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah I just tried using 6 blocking volumes surrounding the table top and the coins just bounce around in there forever LOL weird - a few settle, but a lot of them still escape and just never settle

You know what I think it was? I had to scale up the object like 300% to get it to be the right size, after i scaled it up outside the engine and reimported then it’s working a lot better