Keep on needing to restart ue4 whenever i make a change 4.25.3

Not sure if this is a known bug, but i keep needing to restart UE4 whenever make a change to my classes. Hot reloading doesnt seem to update the editor. For example, if I attach the camera to a new component, it wont update after compiling in C++. I would have to close UE4 and then reopen for the new compiled code to work. This is frustrating. Also not sure if i posted in the right area. This started happening ever since I upgraded to the current version of UE4 4.25.3

Lately, hot reloading has a problem indeed. Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it doesn’t detect the changes, so have to also compile in UE4, sometimes when I build in VS UE4 just crashes. I guess they know this as I always click on “Send and Restart”

Its so frustrating lol, hopefully theres a fix or something

Hot Reload hasn’t worked for several major engine versions for me. The general consensus is to avoid it, especially now that we have Live Coding (which is far superior IMO).

You (generally) shouldn’t make Header/Constructor changes when using Hot Reload or Live Coding, they’re only really designed for small iterative changes. For any major/structural changes, a restart is preferred.