Keep Input pressed, when Controller loses Focus?

Hi there…

I’m currently on my Journey to create a Keeper-Like ARPG.
Current Step, the Inventory.
So… in my PlayerController (=PC) , i get the player necessary Key Inputs from the Input Mapping.

When Action_CTRL is pressed, the OnCTRL boolean of the PC is set to true, if the Action is released the bool is set to false.

Same for Shifts and Alt.
To get the bools, I created a pure Function returning the bool values.

now, I want to use the bools inside some slot widgets for my inventory, where you can click and select the item, and only take 1 away (by holding ALT) or the half stack (by holding Shifts) to move that quantity and item to another slot.

Moving items works great… except the ALT and Shift part…
Since the PC loses Focus when the Slots are hovered, the bools switch back to false…

The Question now:
How to keep the pressed/released values of that keys, even when the PC loses Focus?