Keep getting the same skinned character and need two separate character skins

I’m having an issue in unreal where i’m looking to get two separate characters in my level one where it’s a male the other a female.

The issue is i can’t get two different characters that i have in my content browser in instead of both being the same.

i need to add a new pawn class or is there something else i am missing. (Also i’m using the mixamo anim pack file if that helps)

Its because in your my character BP it is set to that character.
You either need to change it via bp’s which i havent tried yet and cant comment.

Or just add an additional characterbp and switch between the two

what do you mean by BP may i ask as i’m not sure

BP = blueprint.
You can create another character blueprint. And change the actor in another Blueprint, for example in the game blueprint to change the actor to the other blueprint.