Just want to check - Can everything on the Marketplace be used for commercial products?

I just want to absolutely verify this. For instance, if I took all the Paragon characters, stuck them in the Infinity Blade environments, threw in some assets from other free content examples and showcases, added a few assets I’d created myself, and then cobbled together a hodgepodge of gameplay elements, I could sell the resulting mess of a game? Not that I’d expect anyone to buy it, but still… Would that all be permissible?

Everything on the UE4 Marketplace can be used for commercial products, yes. =)

While content made by Epic can only be used in Unreal Engine however, products from other content creator’s can also be used commercially outside of the engine. (i.e. another engine such as Unity provided you do the work to port it over). However keep in mind no matter the form of the final product or where you use it you are still bound by the UE4 marketplace terms of use.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Look, while I’ve got your attention, you might be able to answer one other question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. The FAQ says you can share marketplace assets with your ‘team’, but what exactly are the limitations on that? In my case, I’ve worked on a few projects with a friend of mine, who has a much, MUCH larger budget than me when it comes to marketplace assets, so I’ve had access to a wide range of assets. But we have a pretty ill-defined working relationship. Some projects are mainly his, some are mainly mine. What if we start working on a project together, but it evolves into something that’s 95% my work? Can I still use his assets? What if he publishes it under his company name, but I get the majority share of the revenue? Is it then technically his project, so the use of his assets is okay?

​​​​​​​Complicated stuff :stuck_out_tongue: