Just realised, may need help possessing my Bike.

HI All

Might be simple, I want to hit space and get on my bike (No Animations) and then ride the bike, When stopped, hit space again and get off my bike?

I I go from 3rd person, to bike, back to third person.

Never done this before, is it easy?


Add an input action for the space bar, then cast to the bike BP, get player controller, drag and type posses and hook up bike BP to posses node. Do this in character BP. It goes something like that, not at machine right now but if memory serves me.Also your character will still be there after you take control of the bike. You can teleport character somewhere off map untill you get off bike. Just add that teleport location to BP chain. And to get of bike repeat process on the bike BP and posses character. You can add a billboard to the bike Bp to have a reference on where to teleport you character back to when you get off.

Ok, thank you.