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Howdy everyone! I have a quick question for all ya “Seasoned Unreal Engine Developers” I was following a tutorial (as I am, an absolute beginner) I was supposed to place down 2 nodes, one being called “get actor right vector,” the second going by “target”… problem is, when I place down “get actor right vector,” it only has the Y axis? and in the tutorial it has 3 (X, Y, Z) and you need to plug into the Y, and X axis’s?? And the thing about target, is I simply can’t locate it, anywhere?? So I guess my question is, did they change the names of them in recent updates? Or maybe how they functioned? Or perhaps replaced them with a different node, and what would be the names of those nodes? Any help would be massively appreciated! Thanks and God bless!


Images please… : D

Hey, the “Get actor right axis” node returns a vector3 (yellow pin) (this is a structure that contains 3 float variables), if you drag off from that pin and in the search box type “break” break vector will appear, use this node to split the vector3 into the 3 separate x,y,z float output pins.

Target is usually an input pin to a node that gets or does something to a referenced object (another actor, component, or blueprint). So as the “Get actor right axis” node has a “Target” input pin, it will expect you to connect a reference to an actual instanced actor to that pin… As far as I’m aware I don’t think there is an actual node called “Target”, unless in the tutorial they created a variable called that in which they store a reference to your actor…

Hope this helps…

Ah what a legend! that fixed my “get actor right vector” problem. now i just gotta figure out this whole “target” thing, i attached an image down below so maybe that’ll help?

Here ya go :slight_smile:

(please forgive the poor quality)

The target means what actor or pawn or character you want to get the velocity from. If you leave the target pin blank it will get the current velocity of self.
If you hover over the pin you’ll see what type of object you’ll need to plug in to it.

Ahh alrighty! i got it all fixed up now, thanks!