Just got an unannounced Launcher Update!

Just got a quick Launcher update. Could that mean 4.8 is imminent? In a day or two? Prediction, begin: Tuesday.

Probably, but they also update the launcher without any engine updates :wink:

4.7.4 is still fresh. Dont expect 4.8 for a couple of weeks.

Wednesday 4.8. Got a feeling. Something in the air. (Could be spring, I guess)

not likely, they haven’t branched 4.8. However, they could do a “stableish” 4.8 Preview 1

That would be sweet! :smiley:

Hmmm. Maybe I was feeling the 4.7.5 Hotfix. This is probably why the “Psychic Network” wont accept me.

Yay, preview builds :smiley:

stop linking relevant useful information! blind speculation and conjecture is clearly better!

There’s not going to be a 4.8 preview 1 for another couple of weeks, Chance mentioned that on the last twitch stream.

Generally, RayD and MikeF come up on the stream and they talk about it, so this time will be no different.

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“We’ll be talking about 4.8 shortly - hoping to start the preview builds in a few weeks.”

Few weeks! Boy, I was getting used to those nearly every month versions way back in 2014. Oh well, guess I better un-wad my panties. :slight_smile: