Just a few questions on a space game I want to work on

First is it possible to do a 2d space game in unreal engine with real anti-gravity physics?
secondly How would you setup a attaching system using blueprints? like i have different ship pieces: wings, thrusters, hull pieces, and a cockpit. So I want to attach these pieces to the main controls piece which is the cockpit and from there everything is controlled from the cockpit.
Basically what im trying to do is make a 2d open world exploration game using assets ive drawn to where you build your ship with parts that you get as you level up and fly around collecting resources, fighting pirates, traveling 100 different sectors with stations to land in, also multiplayer compatible with open world so players can join together and do rpg style space. any help would be great

Hi @Spider2430,

I’ve never done a game like this but it’s definitely possible. Remember you have source access in case the current physics implementation doesn’t do what you want.

As far as the modular pieces that is also possible. Look into “sockets”.

You can add sockets to your main mesh and attach the pieces like the wings, tail, etc to those sockets.

I would first play around with the UE4 2d template and the flying template to get started.

Hope this helps!

ill try those out, thanks for the help