jumping/falling problem

Hi, first of all, i’m a newbie to unreal. I began with the sidescroller asset and i replaced the character with mine. I was trying to achieve that when my character is falling of a platform he is playing the jumpdown animation and not begin by the jumpup animation. So i end up with this :

my state machine looks like that :

it works but i encountered two problems :

If someone can explain me (in detail if possible, i’m really a newbie) how i can achieve what i wanna do without this two problems it would be great.
Sorry english isn’t my native language anyway thanks

I can’t understand what happend it’s really looks like a problem with the collision capsule when i hit the ledge the character can’t enter transition it’s look like that :

i’ll think i figured out why it’s was a missing transition between my jumpup and my jumprecovery now i have to find how to smooth the transition between those two.