jump to specific time in matinee animation: current solution crashes UE4 4.10.4


in my application, I have a long matinee sequence that animates the camera and makes some objects appear / disappear.
I would like to add the possibility, for the user, to jump to specific points in time in the matinee track (via UI buttons).

First, by searching, around, I could not find, either in the documentation or in forums/answerhub, a recommended way of doing it.
So, I came up with my own solution, which you can see in the blueprint fragment below:

Basically, I stop matinee, jump to the specified time position, and then play. However, this crashes the application (in both Win and Mac).
If I don’t stop matinee (i.e. remove the stop node), then there is no jump.

Maybe I am not using the right technique?

Any help is greatly appreciated.