jump loop animation snapping to lower position

Hi guys im not entirely sure how to word my problem but … i have a state machine that checks if there is less than 10 percent of the jump start animation left it then changes to jump loop … but my jump loop animation snaps down to maybe half the height . im not sure i have explained it clearly . also no matter the transition rule as soon as the animation loop is triggered the player moves down by at least half his height any help is greatly appreciated guys i have followed the third person tutorial …

hmm are you using Rootmotion animation ? or is it inplace and where did you get that jump loop animation ?

Hi im using in place and the animations are taken from mixamo as collada.dae ,taken into blender and exported as fbx

i think the problem is here why don’t you go to unreal and take the jump loop animation from 3rd person example and try to use it with same settings and check if it works or not

I would recommend to make all bones visible in the anim blueprint. I remember there was an issue in the past with some third person anims that had some rotations at root or pelvis that only got visible if you blended between those states. All those anims for themself looked good. It seemed a bit like if you would blend from an animset that had °90 rotation + -90° at next bone and another one that had °0 rotation at root or pelvis. If you export from Blender I would even recommend to make sure that you use metric and 0.01 in the scene settings, that all your scales are applied in object mode (there should be only 1.0 in scale in the “N” panel) and to use this settings at export/import: