July UE4jam and a Special Announcement w/ Nick Darnell - July 14th - Live from Epic HQ

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Get ready for another exciting UE4jam! In this stream, we’re kicking off the July UE4jam by announcing the theme live, but before that Nick Darnell will be on to tell us about a spectacular new development that we can’t mention until the stream! On top of all that, we’ll have a fantastic line up of news and community spotlights to talk about. With everything that’s going on, you won’t want to miss this one!

Thursday, July 14th @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown]


Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](
Nick Darnell - Sr. Tools Programmer - @NickDarnell](

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Oh yeah, bringing in Nick, what kind of UMG news is there =) +1 hype

Oh yeah, there will be some UMG for sure, but the secret is unrelated to that. So you’ll just have to watch and find out! ;D

Oh snap, hype +100.

Secret Squirrel Stuff! Oh Yeah!

This is Gonna B GUD! :cool:

Crossing my fingers that its something related to 4.13 or the media framework :smiley:

#paper2D praise Excited nonetheless! :smiley:

Unreal 3 announcement would be nice :o, or why not a new IP :slight_smile:

Super hype! Ready for this!

A reasonable way to create mixed reality footage?!

I know exactly what is a secret surprise. But if I tell, I will have to call the Destroy method on you all.

‘Cat’ backgrounds & Blueprints: Any more tweaks / customizations for laying out BP?

[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION], remember this thread that inspired a Cat pic as a graph background? :slight_smile:
Going further, is there any way to visually tweak the Nodes themselves to simplify Blueprints?
Let users color-code Nodes or re-shape them to better distinguish Variables vs. Code? This vs. This
Kismet was limited, but its left-to-right execution & variables at bottom of nodes had more clarity.
How about different ‘Variable’ wire style (dashed etc). Any of this possible today, or any plans to add it?

UMG was mentioned above. UDK had an incredibly simple method to create in-game Menu systems / UI.
Just drag Triggers to a map, arrange them in menu order and place a mesh in front of each as an icon.
Once parented (base link), menus could be Teleported anywhere in the level for any team to use in-game.
No UMG / Scaleform / Actionscript etc… Just Triggers & in-game actors: meshes, skelmeshes, particles / RTT.

i.e. Starship-Bridge: Pilot Controls = Teleport-Triggers. Works by remote anywhere on ship: Powerful / Simple!
UDK Triggers auto-replicated too! Does UE4 offer anything like this, or just menu widgets / on-click events?

/me keeps fingers crossed for Gear VR related stuff

So, I totally hate watching streams without sound (at work :rolleyes:), but what was the special announcement? Bug tracker or new UMG functionality or both or something else ?

Bug tracker, coming in a few weeks to public. UMG stuff is just an extra, coming in 4.13.

Aye, thanks!

Thanks you very much guys, I am very excited to finally get a bug tracker!

Thank god!!!

Love you, Epic!

We love you all too!

Pic to prove it’s real: