JRPG in Unreal

I’m curious - would it be possible to make something like a JRPG in Unreal Engine 4? Would it be preferable to have it tile based, or not?

You can do everything with the Unreal Engine 4 :slight_smile: What exactly do you mean with tile based? -> it’s benefitial when you split the map into different parts so that you can stream them

I assume you’re talking about oldschool jrpg’s like this one?


It possible, but I don’t see the point of using UE4 for something like this. IMHO GameMaker and RPG maker are better suited for such tasks.
However, if you want to create JRPG like modern ones - UE4 definitely is super handy!

Like that shot (rpg maker) but in 3d would be super awesome! And yeah i think ue4 would fit perfectly for that kind of task.

And for that kind of pov i think tile-based would be better than pixel-based. (just like in rpg maker 24/32px-per tile)

We would like to do it like an old school JRPG, but wanted to use UE4, because of the better libraries for 2D games, and better art than something such as RPG maker. Does that make sense to do?

As already mentioned, it is possible to do it with the UE4, but it doesnt make sense to use it, because there is already stuff like gamemaker. But with the UE4 you have the advantage, that you can also use it for other projects (e.g a 3d RPG game,…) + it has blueprints (really easy to use + you can nearly do everything with them) + an awesome community :slight_smile:

Gamemaker should make a plugin for UE4. :slight_smile:

If you only want features that old JRPG’s launched with, then gamemaker is probably the best bet. If you want to add anything significant to make your game stand apart, UE4 could do the job.