Joystick fighting head movement ?

Has anyone else had this issue ?

the xbox controller I use seems to be fighting for head movement control…

I can walk forward and backwards with the left stick on the controller… but the right stick seems to control the horizontal pitch…yaw… whatever.

the rift seems to move all over the place when I try to look around… because its fighting the joysticks head movement being done with the right stick…

how might I fix this ?

I’d like to be able to still turn the “body” of the player… using the joystick… but I want full head movement too using the Rift…

I’m having the exact same issue. Has this been solved?

I believe out of the box the HMD adjusts control rotation. To detach it, you would have to use something like Oculus Rift Separate View modification in c++. The VR template has an alternative version of this.