Joining all you talented content creators! Am I doing it right?

Hi guys,

So I’ve been playing with UE4 for about a year now and I’m keen to start making some marketplace content.
I’ve bought my fair share of marketplace content and learned so much from all of you (thanks!).

I’ve put together some scifi-themed BP’s - So far a spline enable light fixture, and a spline enable pipe. (yes, i know, overused, but good practice)
So basically, Am I doing it right? Is this the kind of standard people are looking for?

I’ve added functions to the construction script, (LOD’s, color, emissive, light intensity, opacity, etc), just as I’ve seen in all the BP’s available on the marketplace.
Below is a screenshot of the pipe BP so far, I can upload it if anyone cares to try it out. I would really appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:

(pipe segment model: )

Thanks everyone!