Join the Discord Modding Chat

Sorry about the late reply, Nekres. Been a bit of a busy week for me. I’ve pinged the discord admins about it again. They should be getting you an invite soon

Hey Nekres, I just sent you an email with an invite link. Sorry about the delay!

I am getting the invite expired message, can anyone send me an invite please. Have sent a message to admins but so far nothing.

I did ask back in January of this year but still no response from anyone, I am sure I was a member last year but I cannot get back in as there is no way to retrieve the log in details (I have since upgraded to a new computer).

Failing this is there any way to retrieve a past membership.

I guess the invite option is not working again, I am thinking of going to America to rob gold from Fort Knox, it will be easier to get in there than get into this discord channel :slight_smile:

I am going to start assisting with getting invites out. Please when you use the contact staff option on their page, include an email so that I know where to send an invite.

Thank you so much ZenRowe for the invite, I am finally in.

One question for you, I am currently warching the tutorials you made here ( but cannot find the source files, where do I download them.

Glad to hear you got in.

The video thing is off-topic for this thread but you will have to actually go to the video pages on youtube or to the individual posts on STA. I don’t have control over the page you linked. If you have any further question on that subject please DM me on discord.

I keep this page updated with the videos

Sorry about the off topic, my bad. BTW what happened to the goatie :slight_smile: gone in the final video (last off topic I promise).

Hello guys, I have a problem. I am already registered in the discord on the modding server but I see him nowhere he is not visible to me. what can I do?

This is a problem with access, authorization is needed

I am trying to join the Discord Modding Chat and I have been having some problems. When I access the link ( ) it says “COMING SOON” with no links to join the Discord or contact anyone.

Is there a new process for joining the Discord Modding Chat? Can anyone let me know what to do? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

That link appears to work just fine for me. you should see a button to sign in through steam authorization.


Hey there!
Unfortunately the link isn’t working for me, but I can’t find the “Contact staff” link mentioned in the post. Can somebody help me with this?

any way to get an invite without going tru steam?

I have set the wrong discord account because it automatically logged me in because I was still logged in.
The “Leave Button” does not work.
The email form DOES NOT WORK.
I have tried sending emails with the form two months ago and waited
it probably didn’t even send them.
Please any admin. Message me so I can send you the wrong discord account nick.

I’ve been trying to join for hours. Read and triple-triple-checked all the items in the FAQ. Clicked the “Contact Staff” link and created a detailed message to send. Not sure if anything was even sent. Tried again. Same.

I’ve linked my Steam, Github, and Epic accounts. I’ve updated my Steam privacy settings as described in the FAQ. What more do I have to do to join the Discord chat? Will banging my head on the desk help? :wink:

THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeah, joining this channel never worked for me either. Would just sit there trying to confirm through Steam.

5 days later and the steam verification was still spinning in place. But this is the VERY FIRST STICKY TOPIC on this forum. You’d think someone would be paying attention…

Hey, it worked this morning!