Join Party Group how do we set this up in Unreal Blueprints?

Sorry this is long to read but guys, I want to know how to set up these tag-along with me party systems in Unreal Engine. My game has nine party members in it. But I only want up to 4 (max) of the party members to be running around in actual game (once all party members have been collected from the various locations in the different world maps…) For now I only want to get 1 party member running around other than just the single main party leader in the same map running
around now in the game after I go to their location to where they are. I will later on want to add the ability to have single Party mode or group party mode.

I’ve got the idea of what I want to do, but unclear on the execution with
the blueprint system…

There’s still lots of stuff left to do. I got the basic dialog data table now working. so i can
display the text now that I want and can even do random text displays, but I still got decisions
choice making still to do for the dialog. I don’t know how to do decisions consequences choices making yet for the dialog text.

But Here’s what I want to know about the party systems.

  1. How to find them in the current local level Map and if they exist then add them into the party.

  2. Or how to find them in a different world level map and add them also into the party.

  3. When the party member is found, the Game remembers the party member no matter
    what level map you are in or have loaded. (This has to be done later on for all the game variables
    as well so the game remembers the changes no matter where you go in the maps. This is
    needed in order to do the save checkpoints) This might be hard to try to set up in the blueprints
    because I’ve got thousands of variables in my game to try to remember…)

  4. The party member or members also remain in your party with you no matter what level map you are in until they are finally dismissed from the party or they leave the party as part of the storyline.

  5. If the party member exists then Display all of their dialog in the storylines so if a party member has about 5,000 or so lines of text, if they don’t exist in the party group (you not met them in the
    game yet) then none of their text will display in the storylines and just be ignored and their mesh won’t show… So that’s how I had set up the game to function in batch code form. I did it using array lists and environmental labels to use as switches to turn party members labels on or off and only turn them and their dialog on only if the party member exists in the party… Now I have to do the same thing in Unreal Blueprints only I’m dealing with a 3d world this time so I have to use Triggers
    now with checking if the variables exist instead of just checking for just if variables exist
    like I did with the batch code.

I figured using a simple on box collision trigger around the party member when you first meet up with them at their given location should be enough for the game to know that the party member now exists in the map as soon as the player steps into the trigger.

Now this is what I need to know from guys on here who know how to set up the blueprints.
I need to know the blueprint code for turning on a party member variable when the player
reaches a certain given location in the map…

I used If %loana% EQU 1 Labels to do the checking if the party member exists in batch code
to see if the party member label exist in the given room then display the text with the party label
if they exist. You could also do this as well. if %loana% EQU 1 if %storm% EQU 1 if %rex% EQU 1
echo. “Your party dialog Text” if those three party members exist in the same room then only that
text would show up if they exist in the room. So you can stack the labels up in batch code to display certain stuff or you can also Stack Arrays inside arrays as well in batch code but I don’t think
you can stack arrays inside other arrays with Unreal Engine…


Is it the Is Valid node, or is it the Branch node to do the Variable Checking
with a box trigger? Or can you just use Both of them?

For I’m using just a box trigger around the party member’s mesh itself to determine if they exist in the game or not when you first meet them for the 1st time before they join in the party. Because I need to get the game to check the party member’s variable if it exists. if it does, let them join in the party and then turn on all their party stats. All this other stuff to add on like giving them a skills tree, giving them combat animation, can be done much later on. But for now I just want to get the game to check if they exist once I step into the trigger area where they are located.

I also have the Possess Pawn Code now as well to allow me to switch pawns. But
I have to resolve an annoying actor pin error on the get node to allow me to do
this properly. but the Actor pin error is coming from the get array node in the third person char bp the Get node has an actor pin but the possess node has a pawn pin type pin not an actor pin type so its causing this actor pin conflict… so because of this error I can switch the pawn but I can’t switch it back again, I hope to get this resolved but i need to know what is causing the actor pin error and how to resolve the error coming from the third person bp.

Does anyone have any samples of a basic party system in the Blueprints? Or can at least show
me how I can set up a simple box trigger and have a party member variable turn on when I
activate that trigger and then once its been activated it check if the variable exists if it does
spawns in a basic cube mesh or something show me some code to get me started with spawning someting into the world by checking first for a variable, that’s really all I need to know
how to do in order to start building up the party system. Its checking for variables with a
trigger that I don’t know yet how to do and that’s why I need someone to show me that code.

I need to know also How to turn off or remove a mesh from the map like removing a barrier
away to open up another area of the game when stepping into a box trigger. Has anyone
got the code also to that?

Why its a struggle for me to try to understand how things are done in the blueprints is because I
know how to set up things mainly in that batch code.

The tricky thing will be getting this system to work not just for the main game map, but
also for all the other game maps. But I just want to get it working for the local
map I’m in for now…So because of this the levels are not to be level streamed as in
a singular big game world, as its a game of many worlds, so it has to be done as a
modular system. (loads each world separately in and remembers all the game variables the player makes…)