jittering when turning the head

When my VR Scene gets more complex, at a certain point the vive output starts to jitter when I turn my head left or right. The scene itself runs absolutly smooth the fps in the editor are something like 100fps. When I turn my character around with keyboard controls the jittering does not appear. It only happens when I turn my head. I first had this problem with my old GPU wich was a gtx760. But now
it also happens with a gtx970 as I said at a certain point when my scene gets more complex. any idea what could be the cause ?

So this doesn´t seems to be a Vive problem only. A friend has the same problem with his Occulus. This seems to be a Unreal Engine Problem. The scenes I´m talking about are not brutally heavy. I´ve seen demos from other engines that are a lot larger but are absolutly smooth. This is really a serious problem for us at them moment.

I’d definitely advise you to visit Getting started with VR by Tom Looman, as it can be quite useful. Remember though that in order to run VR smoothly you need to aim for 90 fps and 11,00 ms draw calls. Viewport performance =/= standalone game performance from my experience. Run GPU profiling as well to narrow down the issues.

When you put your headset on, open the console and type “stat fps”. If you do not reach 90 fps, have fun with performance optimizations :wink:

Please keep in mind that any more complex scene you see in other games probably took hours or days of performance optimization measures to run smoothly (removing polygons, remove dynamic lighting(!) and use static lighting only, remove any reflections since these are extremely heavy on fps, etc).