Jet aircraft and the physics effect

Hi everyone,

So I’ve made a jet aircraft with no physics it flies and maneuvers just as I want it to, but then I decided to make a physics based jet aircraft everything is good except for the the physics effect when making an aggressive turn while rolling it seems like I need far more force to counter the drag force that’s pushing me right if I’m turning aggressively left, so far I tried a couple workarounds the first one is increasing the linear damping to 2 or 3 this gave me excellent control over the jet but of course if I stop moving in the sky I would fall too slowly towards the ground, unless if I apply some gravity to account for it, I didn’t like this too much so now I increase the linear damping based on my current velocity within reasonable amounts but for some reason I feel like this is not how I’m supposed to do it, is changing the linear damping a good idea to begin with or should I counter the drifting by applying a force somewhere ?

I would really appreciate any kind of help thanks so much.