Jayden (Story based fps/rpg) - looking for serious team members who want to become a studio

Project Title:
Working Title: Passion’s Fate

The game is a sci fi fps/rpg with two stories, one on Mars and one on Earth. For the demo, we focus on the earth one, but gameplay and theme aspects
are shared with the other. The main character is an outcast spending time with a loved one trying to survive and discover secrets in a forgotten city.


  • Immersive Sim gameplay with focus on accessibility, simplicity and player freedom
  • Focus on a dark, nonlinear personal storyline with choices
  • Melancholic but elegant atmosphere

Team Structure**:**
Opethead (Project Lead, Writer, Composer)
Project Management, Soundtrack, Voice Acting, Writing, Design - 10 months (Learnt at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance)
Sharky (Audio Director)
Project Management, Sound Effects - 10 months (self-taught sound artist with experience in Ableton)

We have collaborators for Modelling and Texturing but we’re in need and in process of rebuilding our team.

Previous Work:
First title.

Talent Required:

  • A (small) team of passionate people from around the globe
  • Don’t have the requirements of regular jobs
  • Excited to have you on board


  • Communicative, creative and not afraid to speak your mind
  • Update, be patient, and be transparent regarding your availability
  • Active, reliable, ask questions, and stay with us

Project Manager

  • Knowledge about funding, managing and distributing the project
  • Knowledge about the game industry
  • Creative mind, good at finding ways around issues that may occur during development stages
  • Transparency and communication
  • Dedication and love to the field

If you feel that most of these criteria fit your situation, you should get in touch

Programmer (3)

  • Knowledge and experience with UE4 and Gitlab
  • Level Designing is a big plus
  • Work on Unreal through Gitlab to combine existing abilities and systems
  • Program UI

3D Artist (3)

  • Make and texture level-design props (not bottles, but sofas, tables etc), building parts, etc.
  • Work on Unreal, programmer-made levels through Gitlab
  • Sense of design and creativity is a plus

3D Character Artist (3)

  • Animate and or texture existing characters’ movement
  • Experience with at least one of the following: UV, Rigging, Texturing, Sculpting, or Facial Animations
  • Sculpting, Scripting for Cinematics, Facial Animations, and ability to export to blender+UE4 are all huge pluses.

Environmental Artist (2)

  • Semi-realistic to realistic, detailed types of environment
  • Patience to rework the art
  • Ability to draw in the characters, knowledge of gothic and or sci fi aesthetics, and creativity are all huge pluses.

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