Jagged aliasing in DoF cinematic renders despite various render tests

I’m trying to resolve jagged edges on cinematic movie render queue renders. Currenlty on 4.26 but could revise to 4.27 or 5 if improvements have been made.

I’ve testing going through various samples, temporal/spatial changes, NONE/temporalAA/etc, screensize, adding r.TemporalAASamples = 128 when switching to TAA, and many more efforts.

I can get OK outputs with TemporalAA (+ console samples) in HD, but it all falls apart at 4K despite increasing sample counts. Everything I have tried with NONE is very poor on blades of grass (see below).

Could someone kindly share some thoughts on improving renders – particularly for 4k? I have a 3090 (2 if helpful). Thanks

Temporal AA here (decent):

AA None (128+ samples - not good - notice grass blades):

Console commands: