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  • Missiles
  • Sound FX; Proximity based alert if an enemy missile locks on you, cabin ambient and engine sounds.
  • New thrust control(cruise mode) which enables you to travel at lower constant thrust amounts.
  • Fuel and thrust indicators.

And now you can travel about 80km. before things start to go crazy. World origin shifting wont help after that for some reason.

You can download the packaged game here: Thrusted_2.rar - Google Drive

I have been working on thrusters and can’t get them to feel as right as you have. Your work is fantastic. Any chance I could see your blueprints for the maneuvering thrusters?

Thanks. Thrusters(especially the horizontal an vertical thrusters) used to be almost impossible to work with before we were able to get center of mass of meshes. Now i just set their location to center of mass in construction script and they work as expected. Pitch, yaw and roll are handled with 4 thrusters at the nose of the ship - 2 for roll, 1 for yaw and 1 for pitch and I’m controlling pitch and roll with mouse x and y axis values, and the yaw with a & d axis values. You can see the pitch and roll setup in the screenshot:


I’m using a custom event to set the variables(this project used to have multiplayer support) so you can set your variables directly instead of what i do here. Bools are used for the particle fx activations.
Yaw is just multiplying the axis value with thrust amount you like and then setting thrust strength with it.

I should also note that i’m setting angular velocity to 0,0,0 depending on the axis value for counter-thrust so that you dont continue to spin when you stop rolling or pitching. I like that kind of control better since it feels more fluid but it may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I’ll make it optional in the next update though.

Hey Jacky -

Just curious do you plan on selling your physics thruster prototype on the marketplace or giving it away? Because I am super interested in it. Just make sure that is is very customizeable if you do sell it on the marketplace. :slight_smile:

As for the floating origin problem you need to tick the enable world origin rebasing after ticking enable world composition in your persistent level under world settings. You can find the advanced settings under the world section in world settings. If that does not work. I have no idea.

No advanced settings expanded

Advanced settings expanded

I put this together just to help you or some one new that comes along later on. :slight_smile:


  1. How did you get the AI to work in 6DOF or Is this still something that is ongoing?

Edit: Questions!

Thanks for the tips, HeadClot! I actually know those settings but as far as i know world origin shifting should work without world composition, and it seems to work but there is still a limit to the distance you can travel. I should try it with world composition sometime though and see if it changes anything.

As to the project’s future; I thought about making this a marketplace content, but it just requires too much work to make it a plug&play kind of setup for every custom ship. Looking at the attention this is getting it isnt worth it anyway. I have also been thinking of turning this into a full game but it is fading as well the more i see what Elite Dangerous people are doing. :stuck_out_tongue: So i’ll probably end up releasing it to the public someday, but no promises!

About the AI; the AI is quite stupid right now actually. It just rotates towards the player within certain distance and chases after you using only the main engine, slows down using sets linear velocity if it is too close too far away and returns to it’s guarding point if the player is too far away. I’ve been using it to test weapons and targeting systems for now but i’ll improve it at some point.

Thrusted is available here as a project now.

Hey everyone,

Long time no post. I’ve been busy with work but recently i found some time to make a personal project.

This is a lightshow animation, initially created in Matinee(had started the project right before 4.11 was released) but then converted and tweaked in Sequencer in 4.12. I’m still amazed how smooth the conversion was considering this was a 64-track Matinee.

I used extra spotlights with wide outer angle where the main spotlight hits the surface to generate fake indirect lighting, which made a huge difference. Stage lights also has point lights along the light shaft to mimic the scattering affect of the particles the spotlight hits. It didnt end up as good as i wanted due to spherical attenuation of point lights but it still made a difference in short distance. You can see the difference between fake indirect lighting vs. default lighting in the screenshots down below.

And here are some extra screenshots from the animation itself in case you cant see the video(apparently it’s not avaliable in some countries due the the song. :\ )



Bonus content!