I've created an Infinite Voxel World, similar to Minecraft

Super cool!

How are you spawning in the ISMC’s in your chunks quickly enough to keep it from hitching? I have a similar system and that’s been one of the issues I’ve faced.

Also, how are you handling collision? I’ve found that colliders are what kill performance, not the visual portion. Are you doing anything special to turn colliders on/off?

how far do you plan on going for the project? It looks great.

I would love to get a look at the blueprints. So yes - please get it into the marketplace.

Just for the record, already exist an implementation of a voxel based game,it’s called Brick Game, and is open source link

Nice! You’ll have to show the community some screenshots!

Soon in Steam with minecraft building style, but with realistic custom-users materials

I did not understand.

Haha, it’s really WIP, but I post some screenshots on my Twitter, and I’ll soon make a WIP thread about that. It also has modding support with custom textures / materials, Lua scripting and much more…

I am working on game with Mincraft building system (very easy to use) and with high textures materials, which can be customization by users in some interval.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English

If you update it or someone else does, there should be exclusive features to inspire for the 1.10 update of the real game.

John, very nice. When I download the file I get an error when I try to extract it.

You’ve been featured on Kotaku! Congrats!!!

How can I add this to my vault to mess with?

For now, I like pixel style. If I change my mind I might contact you :cool:

I don’t really spawn many ISMCs, you should not have too many of them. Also don’t have problems with the collision, at the moment all blocks constantly have collision enabled but that costs like 0 performance I think. You probably did some crazy stuff if you had problems with collision performance :slight_smile:

I have a ideas, but let’s see how they end up :cool: Depends mostly on others.

Use 7zip, all other software seems to dislike the zip file

Yep, saw that! Also got “let’s plays” from CaptainSparklez and AntVenom.

It’s not released as source.

It´s for free, by the way

How do you think yor approach would scale with more types of voxels? IE what happends when there are 100 different voxels to be rendered in a chunk?

It would be more draw calls, but apart from that it would not affect anything. And soon draw calls hopefully don’t matter that much any more with Vulkan and D3D12.

I got more than 40,000 downloads of the game and more than 375,000 views on the video. It’s awesome to see so much interest in this!

Making games with Blueprints only is amazing! Great job!

Wow that’s way more than I would have thought, I guess there are a lot of people who would want minecraft with next gen lighting, what you have looks actually very similar to minecraft with shader mods but with better performance :stuck_out_tongue: so that’s a win win right there.

This could actually bring a ton of minecraft modders into UE4… not only that but blueprints would make modding 10 times easier and faster.
However Mojang could cause problems for you if they want to :rolleyes: be aware of that, you might wanna change the textures and visual style a bit so it’s not a 1 to 1 copy.

Minecraft with SEUS Unbelievable Shaders :slight_smile: Nice project tho bro. Looks awesome.