I've created an Infinite Voxel World, similar to Minecraft

Minecraft with UE4 lighting looks awesome!

This is awesome, would be cool to see all the blueprints

Oh man, this is so cool, please post more about it :D. We’re all really curious about how it was put together and how it works

I hope you release this. If it can’t go up on marketplace I hope it ends up in the learning tab at least !

+1 for putting it on Marketplace or Github as a learning resource/community project to mod.

Very cool indeed! I had tried something like this at the time hierarchical instance static meshes came out (even went as far to write complex noise algorithms for the chunk generation) but the performance was unacceptable :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it might be a good idea to write a general guide with how you used instances and the method of culling you used :slight_smile:
I’m not really a fan of voxel games but I like the idea of noise-generated worlds and the technical aspect of that kind of thing.

This got me excited.
How’s the performance in PIE compared to the converted version?

It would be nice to get hands on the c++ of voxels. Hope you will release it as a paid plugin / source. Great resource!

Thanks very much for your nice comments! :slight_smile:

I’ve only used public domain stuff, so I have all the rights for the stuff I use.

Yes! Not a single line of C++.

It’s a yuuuge difference. In an earlier benchmark in a different project I got performance being improved by more than 1200% with using the BP->C++ converter.

It’s all BP! No C++ :smiley:

put it on the marketplace

Its really cool that you were able to get that working with BP only, good job!

I always wanted to mod Minecraft, but I never really wanted to spend time learning Java just for that. Within the UE4 environment, I could mod this to hell. :slight_smile:

thats really cool man, nice job

cool,nice job

This is a glorius day, a great resource(100%awesome) :wink:

Has the bp to c++ converter by epic been released?

According to Gameinformers “Inde flow chart” You just won the “Copycat Award” LOL
All kidding aside it looks gr8

Are the 1x1x1 cubes individual meshes or is the visible surface mesh procedurally generated from the voxel information?

Wow this is awesome… I did it with C++ and @andrewscheidecker’s BrickGame… Are your blocks Instanced Static Meshes? The last time I tried this, it lagged as hell with 16x16x16 blocks :smiley:

That’s fantastic work! Is the Blueprint -> C++ conversion tool already available?