It's my birthday!


It’s my birthday!

<Insert humorous picture here>

And my game released two days ago on Steam!


So here’s some codes for you awesome people!

Sound off if you redeem one (So people don’t try to activate a code that’s already entered!

Wooo, Birthday vibes 8]



Codes that have been redeeeemed:
A-AB-66 - <-GONE
55-2R-QD - <-GON (The popular character that featured in Tekken 3 :P)
7-LX-90 - <-GONE
ZE-M6-6R - <-GONE
0-95-MX - <-GONE
I-BJ-7M - <-GONE
JN-2W-B5 - <-GONE
A-TP-6L - <-GONE
X8-LL-8F - <-GONE
7-4N-EY - <-GONE

Note about the game: A few bugs, But I’m fixing them (Not today, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!) but an update will be posted in the next week or so

I redeemed Q7-GT-V***V

Happy Birthday and Congrats on the release of your game :slight_smile:

Happy birthday for you and light on all your ways and all the other positive stuff, i wish you.
Ty for monitor smashing game, used 5JX**-A67**-6Q9**

Cheers HeadClot! :smiley:

Hehe thanks!

I grabbed 55-2R-Q***D

Last year you were working on a 3D game with the same/similar title, is that game still in the oven or did it turn into this game?
Happy birthday and congrats on the release!! :slight_smile:

Hehe thanks!

I’m totally reworking that game - I feel I’ve learnt too much and the concept can be expanded upon. I’m using this 2D game to fund the 3D one (As it’s grown in scope as well as development costs) and this is the best way I could think to get the 3D game out there as well as working on a game at the same time.

That way I can find out what people like / don’t like as well as get much needed lessons on Steam .etc - Also, It was great fun making a super-hard 2D game!

Everyone who gets the 2D game will actually get the 3D game (Even though they’ll be totally different games) - So think of getting SUPER DISTRO as an unoffical IOU for two games for the price of one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I suck a business - But I prefer to make great games then business decisions :wink:

How do we use these keys? Ima use 2QHW7-LFIGX-9BZQ0 when I learn how to use it LOL
And happy birthday!

Happy belated birthday! And you’re giving away presents, that’s backwards and awesome!
I used : J35CN-2ACTW-B4I05

Not sure if there’s any point put “*” since it’s deactivated.

This move doesn’t make you bad at business, good will is good business. I’m sure your next game will benefit and wish you all the luck and again… happy birthday! :slight_smile:


I activated ZAFKE-MLI66-6DFNR thanks

Woo! You are the man, man. The bees knees. The seller of the cool beans. Have yourself an awesome birthday and a productive game cycle! Activated CN-E0-G***P

Happy Birthday! :smiley:

Happy Birthday an many more!

Good luck in future endeavors!

Thank you for the game!

I just redeemed: JI-BJ-7***M

~ Jason

Happy Birthday :slight_smile: I claimed N****-95-M7X. TYVM.

Happy Birthday Kitatus, and congrats on your game release! May there be plenty more of both in your future! =)

Happy birthday! I wish you personal happiness, health and a million sales in Steam!

Happy birthday! (A day late I think…)

Happy Birthday for your birthday on the day that was your birthday. 8-}

have a good one, shame you missed the best day by 24 hrs :slight_smile: