its cheating!

anyone think how to avoid player look through walls?

Either fade to black rapidly when they do clip through walls, or put a collision volume thicker than it should be to prevent them being able to get close enough to bend through the walls in the first place, which may mean making larger than require corridors but is ok for fantasy environments but not realistic rooms. The latter is a little hacky but will keep them in the bounds, the former is recommended by Oculus and works fine (and also puts players off even trying to look through walls)

A combination of both (with less severe collision volumes just to ‘guide’ the players away from walls) may be best, then if someone is really trying to look through (with positional tracking) you can still fade to black. That way only those actually attempting to ‘break’ immersion or ‘cheat’ are faded to black anyway, so their own fault!

Minecrift(minecraft VR mod) fades to black when you try to clip into a solid block, you can still clip through transparent blocks like glass or leaves. I think that is the best way.

How do you detect if the camera is clipping ?