Iterative Hair Production for Character Artists

I put together a quick overview of my current hair production techniques. It’s not a blow by blow hour long video so you won’t be learning the intricacies of any of the programs I show, so I recommend this tutorial for developers with a basic to intermediate knowledge of Zbrush, Maya, and Photoshop. However, the great thing about this workflow is that it doesn’t require any one program (maybe Xnormal because it’s awesome).

I’ve struggled to find an up to date overview of hair production on youtube, and I wanted to fill that void for intermediate artists still trying to figure out some higher level production needs, like hair. These concepts and techniques have been pulled from various sources around the web during my travels to learn how to make game hair, so if you’ve seen some tutorials, or have supplementary info please share it here. And of course, if you have specific questions about anything I’ve done in the video I can definitely answer them.

Hope you find this useful.